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Our extensive range of abrasive systems has been sourced from the world's most innovative manufacturers. It includes sheets, discs, rolls, sanding belts, wheels and accessory items for metal finishing and woodwork.  If we don’t have the abrasives to make your job easier and finished to perfection, Contact us and we’ll track it down for you via our extensive network of abrasives manufacturers.
The two general categories of abrasives that we deal with are Coated Abrasives and Surface Conditioning Products.

Coated Abrasives Products

Coated abrasives are made of abrasive grains adhered to the surface of flexible or semi-flexible backings such as paper, cloth, vulcanised fibre or plastic film. They are great to work with, we can help you choose the right abrasive to give your project the best treatment for your particular situation.
Coated abrasives grit sizes range from very coarse (~2 mm) to ultrafine. Coated abrasives are used by hand or on machines. They are used in industry for:
  • Fine finishes: hand sanding or polishing of wooden cabinets, car bodies primers, metals.
  • Floor sanding, disc grinding of metal, endless belts grinding of wood, metal, glass.
  • Heavy stock removal with wide (up to 3 m) belts on high power machines to grind stainless steel sheets or coils or to calibrate plywood or chipboard panels.

Abrasive Sheets

We supply wet or dry abrasive sheets in a variety of applications eg: paper, cloth, flexible sanding sponges, sanding blocks etc.

Abrasive Rolls

We carry a range of abrasive rolls for preparing painted surfaces in  cloth & paper.

Abrasive Discs

We have a wide range of Fabricut & accessories, Regal/Regalite & accessories and spray disc adhesive.

Sanding Belts

We supply sanding belts in both paper & cloth .


Hookit is a range of abrasives in discs, sheets and accessories.We also have multicut discs and accessories.


We have Stikit abrasives in sheet rolls, disc rolls and accessories.

Finishing Systems

To complement our range of abrasives, we supply the relevant compounds and glazes, liquid masking systems, buffing/polishing pads and accessories,

PG Wheels

Wire brush on wheels made from oxidised aluminium.  green corp cut offs


We have many sanding tools and accessories.